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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Shity Job

I hate my job, i solder circut boards all day, 10 hours a day,  it's dark when i get to work, and its dark when i leave work, 6am - 4:30 pm mon - thurs.  when friday rolls around im too tired to do anything, i just want to sleep in, but i can't because my internal clock is all screwed up and I wake up at 5am. 

to make things better I found out that after 2 years if you do good, you get a .25 raise, a freakin quarter. i'm  making 8.00 right now, wow, you mean after 2 years of burning myself, and blowing shit up while im getting yelled at i can make a whole quarter more.  They can eat my ass. I'm leaving that place as soon as I get the chance. Until then i'm going to blow up as much shit as physicaly possible. I blew up 2 things today, a 100w capacitor make a really big boom, especially when it's fully charged.

My goal before I leave is to make someone sitting on the other side of my test center to either have a heart attack or crap themselves. Either way is fine with me.

I'm trying to apply for a new job, but the receptionist is a bitch, she told me one thing and then called me the next day to come in and fix what she told me to do.

so from one shity job to another shitty job, I just can't win. 

Fuck my life


Carolyn said...

Love the house! Congrats on your first home!

johnny portman said...

Hey man,

I was having similar problems with graphical glitches (and audio issues, voice/dialogue was totally inaudible at first.)

Upgrading to the latest NVidia drivers (and Creative Labs ones for my SB X-Fi) did the trick. Graphical glitches are a thing of the past, and you have a better video card than I do so it should help you out. :) cat mario online